Friday, 8 February 2013


......i've been sitting at the sewing machine attempting to make a small quilt - i've seen so many lovely ones in blogland that i thought i would give it a go.  i have made quilts before but quite some time ago before jelly rolls and so on.   i am also not sure i even like the fabric now.  my back is aching and i am losing patience with it and the damn cotton has just ran out. 

what i really want to do is crawl back here.........i have been wanting to since i got up from here this morning........  

have a great weekend all
til next time

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tea time and roses said...

Hello Annie,

Oh my what a lovely surprise to read a sweet comment left by you! It certainly has been a while. I've been away from the blog for a while, my little shop keeps me so busy these days. :)

Your bed does indeed look comfy cozy. Hope your quilt is coming along for you. Keep at it and I bet it will turn out beautifully. I have felt that way so many times with a knitting project, but the longer I stick with it the better it looks and end up loving it. :)

I see from your previous post you have been stitching and it sure is lovely.

Happy weekend to you too! Thanks for dropping by.